Handheld Devices
Quick, reliable and easy measurements in the field or laboratory

Handheld Devices are lightweight devices that are very convenient for quick, reliable, and easily repeatable measurements in the field or laboratory. They may also serve as excellent tools for education.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy to use. Simple two-button operation. No special training needed. Supplied with instructive manuals.
  • Battery powered. Integrated Li-ion accumulator with 2600 mAh, provides more than 100 hours of full operation.
  • Small and lightweight. Compact design. Supplied with a carrying case and rechargeable batteries.
  • Equipped with leaf-clips or probes. Non-destructable for plants, provides effective sample pre-darkening.
  • Accurate and durable. Reliable, splash proof and rugged scientific instruments.
  • Cost-effective. You can afford to buy several of them for your lab and your students.
  • Large internal data storage. Up to 100,000 data points.
  • PC communication modules. Bluetooth and USB.
  • Location sensor. Integrated GPS module.
  • Windows® data transfer and analysis software. FluorPen software for visualization and data export routines to the computer.